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Free Chinese Course Tomorrow


Editor: HYZD-Yani, Weijia & Chris


HYZD online Chinese lessons are coming at 6pm-7pm THIS THURSDAY!

If you are interested in these lessons, please scan the code to add the Wechat (HYZD18600822872).



Do you feel navigating any new environment can be challenging, especially considering the vast cultural differences between China and the West?

That’s where our Chinese courses step in! Whether you are a fresh beginner or already get the ABC of Chinese, you can find suitable lessons to improve your understanding of Chinese language and Chinese culture. 


You can pick and choose the courses that are most relevant to you, and learn consistently and systematically with the teachers you have chosen and like most. 


Ideal for students who are just starting to learn Chinese. The course covers the basics of Chinese, laying the foundation for your future advancement. You will have a decent grounding in Chinese pronunciation via mastering the Pinyin system, and get to read and write Chinese characters systematically.

By the end of the course, you will be able to introduce yourself and complete daily conversation with native speakers confidently. If you are living or traveling in China, surely you will experience the local life and culture with a brand new perspective.


Great for learners who have basic knowledge of Chinese but want to bring their Chinese conversation to the next level with vocabulary and grammar useful for speaking about intermediate topics, like opinions and personalities. You will practice common sentence structures and learn to think critically and speak with purpose.

By the end of this course, you will be able to communicate fluently with native speakers and feel confident expressing your thoughts and ideas in Chinese.


As the lessons get along, you will find yourself more adapted to the local life, communicating more freely with Chinese and embracing a brand new perspective of looking at things around you!

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Start your Chinese journey today!

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