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Who Got Hit by the Lucky Snowball?


Editor: HYZD-Yani


Last Friday night December 14th, HYZD held our annual Christmas party themed Lucky Snowball. Gathered together, we spent a glorious night with HYZD family. It’s a special occasion for celebration and reunion for our teachers and staff.

More than 30 HYZD teachers joined us in this well-organized event combined with popular technological and fashionable elements at the moment. We sing, we dance, and we have fun! I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who feels memories of the night still linger in the mind. Now let’s get on the time machine and revisit the night again.



First comes the buffet mixed of Chinese and Western cuisine with a wide array of dishes. The turkey is really a delight. With a bottle of beer at hand, it’s perfect time to have a little chat with people around you. 


The party nearly reached its climax during the talent show. Tim Williams is the first performer to stand under the spotlight. He shared with us his personal story---Crazy for Bakery. Tim baked traditional Christmas cookies, hoping to bring back some taste from home. After all, food always jogs memories buried deep inside us. 

Next from Dearbhla Smith we listened to What Goes Around Comes Around. Her beautiful voice surely gives some new flavor to this once hit song. 

Under careful preparation, Aganathan Maistry presented his new stand-up comedy Something about the Word. If you ever heard the show, you would know what the word is and what a good ass performance it is. 

Carl-Michael Edeling’s Fun with Chains is an amazing stunt, which earned him a lot of “wows”. It certainly requires countless practice and efforts. Such a shame we don’t have fire for the fire dance. 

Following the festive mood, Nthabiseng Mohale and Riana van der Berg performed and led an impromptu Africian Zulu Dance. Everybody standing up, you have to admit the group dance is really an impressive experience! 

At last, our mystery guest shone on the stage bringing his hip hop dance Popstar. Those dynamic moves are definitely a thrill to watch! According to the performer himself, it’s dedicated to Invictus Gaming, the Chinese team who made history winning the 2018 League of Legends World Champion on Nov. 3rd.

All the performances are spectacular and marvelous. The hard decision on awards thus fell on the votes from audience. Congratulations to Nthabiseng and Riana, Aga, and Tim for winning first, second and third prize respectively.



During the game session I Know Your Humming, our teachers and HYZD staff teamed up for the correct song names. Namely, teachers listen to popular Chinese songs, hum them out and HYZD staff compete for the fastest answer. Then next round HYZD staff do the humming and our teachers guess. It’s extremely challenging considering no lyric is allowed and it’s just very hard to remember the title of famous songs. Even you know both English and Chinese can barely help. But this is exactly the funny part of this game. You can see the participants all rack their brains trying to decipher the secret code in the humming. Everyone knitted their brows while the answer was just on the tip of the tongue. When the answer was unveiled, the “ah ha!” moments were hilarious.


Another game is from little game program on WeChat Shoot the Spears. Similar to Angry Birds, only this time you are shooting each other in a pair. It’s easy to get started and everyone took out their mobile phones for a try, preparing for the competition. Then eight players were chosen to attend the tournament. Round by round, there were only two members left for the final showdown. It’s interesting to play by yourself and fun to watch others play as well! 


From the beginning, a piece of classic Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen ushered in a number of old golden memories. Time and time again, we are amazed by the magic power inherent to music notes. Singing together opens our heart and melts the distance, forging a sense of community. We express our soul when we sing, and in music we find harmony.


We have witnessed numerous miracles happen on this night already. Many people got what they want and need, no matter it’s a bear doll or a scarf. Finally comes the highly expected Lucky snowball. This kind of lottery is actually originated from the popular phenomenon on Chinese social media that Alipay chose one lucky Koi Fish from over 3 million participants and gave luxurious gifts as well as international trips to this sole recipient.


This time our HYZD Lucky snowball is comprised of a gift pack worth nearly 10 thousand RMB. This is a test of pure luck. The final moment was simply breath-taking and caught all our attention. With the additional number got from the humming game, our accountant Mao proved to be the luckiest one on spot. Hope this lucky charm will bring luck to all our HYZD family.


Thank you everyone for this fabulous night and Merry Christmas to all.

Hope to see you next time!

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