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Foreign teacher's English Training Seminar


The 2016-2017 second semester domestic and foreign teachers seminar in Beijing was a big success with Beijing’s Chaoyang Center for Education Research expert Mrs. Zhou Ying arriving this time to attend our conference.

Also in attendance were several other local academics from eleven different schools in our district including sixty-six of HYZD’s finest foreign teachers in attendance for our seminar.

The English seminar was an all day event going from morning to afternoon, it made up of Chinese and foreign teachers.

The meeting kicked off with education expert Mrs. Zhou summarizing last year’s education performance and teacher evaluations along with next year’s work performance expectations. Mrs. Zhou also re-emphasized Chaoyang education committee’s focus on retaining foreign talent and the importance of international education for Chinese students and the high standards that the committee holds to all foreign teachers. Mrs. Zhou also went into detail regarding the classroom performance evaluation standards and requirements, thus allowing the foreign teachers to have a deeper understanding of the Chaoyang committee’s teaching criterion and expectations.

Afterwards, we had a quick lecture from Qinghua middle school’s teacher Mrs. Kong Xiang Ying regarding middle school’s use of interactive education design. She brought with her, her years of teaching experience with young students and presented different teaching methods to keep students actively motivated and interested in her class.

She also opened up the forum to questions and answers with foreign teachers with regards to methods of improve teaching effectiveness. One of the most common themes found among the questions was how to find new material and how to keep classes fresh and exciting for students. Also Mrs. Kong shared with us several amazing websites for new ideas and thoughts regarding new material for English teaching.


Then we had a presentation from Mrs. Guan Ya Xin who came from Beijing’s Second Experimental Primary School in Chaoyang School District. She talked with us about the different stages of primary school education for foreign teachers, with a step by step process from class preparation to after class teaching evaluation and reflection, for example how to be well prepared for classes and how to self-evaluate your teaching effectiveness. Mrs. Kong also brought up the importance of teamwork as it is necessary to develop a dialogue with your English co-teachers at your school to help tackle problems and resolve issues. Mrs. Kong pointed out that on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the highest, teamwork is a +10 regarding success as a foreign teacher in China.

Later in the afternoon we had three of our top main foreign teachers from our company share with us their personal experience and advice as professional teachers, with emphasis on understanding a child’s psychology, to having devotion and passion for your work.

Our first speaker came from Canada and his name was Peter Falls. Mr. Falls shared with us the importance of keeping your classes interesting and exciting for students so they do not become bored with your classes and lose interest. It is important for students to pay attention so that they can learn and retain the materials you teach. This is accomplished by simultaneously keeping your class interesting and using body language to express the meanings of your words to help with a student’s memory retention of new words. According to Mr. Falls you need to understand a child’s psychology because their attention span is very short, so it is with a painstaking effort that we as teachers strive hard to make our classes’ fun and exciting for our students, only then can we achieve success.

Our second speaker was Paul-P. Paquet who is also from Canada with a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and he shared with us his wisdom and experience from teaching as a junior high school teacher. He emphasized the importance for teachers to properly prepare for classes and materials. If a teacher is properly prepared and does it well they will teach more effectively for students.

Mr. Paquet has been greatly moved by his life in China and has felt his life has been deeply impacted by living in China.

Through his experiences he shares with other teachers his advice regarding living in China as a foreign teacher and has helped a lot of teacher through his ideas and suggestions.

Our third and final teacher is Nathanael Hernandez who comes from the United States, he shares with us his experience with regarding high school students. Mr. Hernandez teaching style focuses on individuality and knowing students are all different with different personalities, weaknesses and strengths.

He encourages foreign teachers to put on charm and work hard to integrate fun and exciting classes for students.

Overall compared with our previous training seminars this one was very unique and different than anyone that we ever had in the past and really brought together a meeting of the minds.

We integrated foreign and domestic teachers to share in the discussions together to form new ideas and thoughts on education. For example we had a 5 minute discussion amongst our groups of domestic and foreign teachers that discussed training ideas and then we opened the floor to questions. Unfortunately due to time constraints the floor was open only to three questions. The seminar was quite lively with foreign and domestic teachers sharing thoughts and ideas and created an amazing atmosphere for discussion and dialogue.

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