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2015 Christmas Party by Huanyu Zhida


It’s Christmas Time in The City!

Christmas is a big traditional festival in western countries. Since it is drawing near, Huanyu Zhida held a big party on 23rd, Dec,2015 for all the international teachers to celebrate their festival and express our appreciation for their hard work.

Before the big party, all of our staff decorated the venue elaborately, so the place with warm Christmas cheer. Things kicked off with a popular Chinese song –“welcome to Beijing”, and our Chinese staff showed a warm welcome to all the international teachers by serenading them with the chorus.

Not to be out done, our international teachers responded in kind with a Chinese-English song that revealed all their love for Beijing and their best wishes for all of us . 

Huanyu Zhida prepared wine and desserts for all the teachers, and everyone ate, drank, and carried on merrily. Billiards and a KTV room  also proved to be great hits with us all.

We all enjoyed playing lighthearted games like “Guess the Song” and “Misheard Lyrics” which only served to compliment the excellent company and increase the good will held by all.

No Christmas party would be complete without a Secret Santa, and he provided graciously. So many gifts were exchanged, great memories were made, and genuine fun was had all around.

The party gave a chance for all the teachers to communicate with each other, enhancing the understanding of each other and the friendship between Chinese staff and foreign teachers. Affection and appreciation were shared between us all, allowing for a great platform to kick off 2016!.

Enjoy your best teacher life today!
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