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Teaching Seminar for English and Chinese Teachers


A teaching seminar for English and Chinese teachers was held at Huanyu Zhida International Education in Primary School Affiliated to Beijing Chaoyang Normal University on 23rd, June to supply the students with various educational resources for their integrated development .

Under the guidance of both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers, the students were learning happily in a free atmosphere, showing great interest in learning English and making great achievements in their study.

There were great performances from the drama class and after the story teaching demo classes, a meeting was held and the English and Chinese teachers shared their experiences in teaching English, to learn from each other.

The seminar also gave all the teachers a change to discuss the role of a teacher, focusing not only on the construction of English lessons but also how to realize students’ potential by combining different teaching styles. The students should be encouraged to open up and speak freely in the class.

The seminar was just one step towards English teaching revolution, and we will continue this path.

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