Subject Teacher

International tutor/A-level teacher APPLY

Location: Beijing


Job Descriptions:

1. Subject to teach: Mathematics and Science with English (teaching material provided)

2. Students aged: 8-18 years old (10-14years most)

3. Class size: one to one

4. Work time: 9:00-12:00AM 13:00-18:00PM

5. 2 hours each class; Up to 100 teaching hours per month

6. 5 working days (one day off in weekdays,one in weekends)

7. Contract Length: 1-3 years


Job Requirements:

1. Native English speaker

2. Bachelor degree or above

3. Russell Group/ 1994 Group/ CMU Universities preferred

4. Relevant teaching experience preferred


Salary and Benefits:

1. Work visa provided

2. Monthly salary: 22K-25K before tax

3. Airfare allowance up to 10K per year

4. Housing allowance provided

5. Over Work Allowance: 200-300RMB per hour

6. Business insurance covered

7. Fully paid for annual holidays (10 days) and public holidays (11 days)

Top Public High school Science Teacher APPLY

Location: Beijing


Job Descriptions:

1.Working hours: 20-28 hours per week (includes 16-20 teaching hours )

2.Students age:15-17

3.Class size: 20-25 students

4.Arriving Time: End of August 2019


Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree with teaching license as preferred

2.working visa qualified

3.Highly skilled educators with the ability to engage and motivate high performing students


Salary and Benefits:

1. Salary: 18000-25000 after tax

2. Housing allowance as 5.5K

3. Flight allowance: 10000

4. Holidays: 12 national public holidays +10 paid annual leaves

Medical insurance: covered

Math/Science/English teacher APPLY

Location: Beijing(Huairou, Yanxihu), Haerbin


Job Descriptions:

1. Teaching contents: A-Level Math, A-Level Science, A-Level English (for high school students)

2. Teaching contents: IGCSE Math, IGCSE Science, IGCSE English (for middle school students)

3. Cooperate with Chinese teacher doing teaching; 

4. Students age: 14-18 years old; Class size: 15-20 students;

5. Office hour: Monday -Friday 8:00-18:00. (teaching hours 20-24/week)

6. Duration of each class: 40-45 minutes


Job Requirements:

1. Native English speaker from USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, New Zealand.

2. Bachelors degree or above

3. Two years or above teaching experience preferred Teaching certificates preferred and TEFL/TESOL is necessary for English teacher.

4. Teaching certificates: TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc

5. Contract length: 1 -2 years


Salary and Benefits:

1. Monthly salary: 17K-25KRMB before tax

2. 30days vacation and 11 days holiday

3. Airfare allowance: 6000RMB After the contract completion

4. Insurance covered

5. Accommodation provided.

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