Manager and Vice Principal

Vice Principle in Kindergarten APPLY

Location: Harbin


Job Description: 
1. IB/Reggio Curriculum 

2. Monday - Friday 8.00-4.30pm

3. Oversee the International Teachers

Job Requirements
1. Early Childhood Bachelor Degree/ Education Management

2. 120hr TESOL Certificate

3. Relevant Work Experience 

4. Age: less than 45 years old

5. Strong communication skills

6. Ability to plan and anticipate needs

7. A team player

8. Attention to detail

9. Task orientated


Salary and Benefits:
1. Monthly Salary: 24K – 28K RMB based on the teachers' qualification and teaching hours. 
2. 2000RMB housing allowance

3. 5 weeks paid holiday
4. Flight bonus

5. Accident Insurance
6. Support Provided
7. Breakfast and Lunch Provided

Academic Manager APPLY

Location: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Xi’an, Mianyang, Luzhou, Changsha, NanNing, Guiyang, Liupanshui, Kunming, Xiamen, Nanning, Nanchang, Haikou;

Programs: Language, Arts, P.E., Corporate Training, Overseas Business, Technology & Innovation, Family Education, and more.


Job Description

1. Deliver regular lessons and demonstration classes to the highest standards

2. Ensure effective scheduling of classes, extra-curricular activities and events

3. Arrange inductions for new teachers; lead regular teacher training workshops

4. Assess academic staff’s performance and provide constructive feedback together with developmental plans

5. Work closely with the principal and other supervisors to ensure inter-departmental co-operation and effective communication

6. Update and consult the Regional academic Manager to guarantee smooth product implementation and overall academic operations

7. Assist Product Development in testing and implementing new i2 products and courses

8. Assist with teachers interview/hiring/ leaving request procedures related etc.;


Job Requirement: 

1. Native English speaker only

2. Bachelor's degree or above

3. Experience in Teaching and Training;

4. Experience in Management.

5. Strong cross-cultural communication skills;


Salary and Benefits

1. Basic salary: 20K+ RMB/month (pre-tax);

2. Bonus system

   a. Quarterly Business Target Completion Bonus;

   b. Quarterly Income Target Completion Bonus;

   c. Bonus of New Teacher Referral;

d. Contract Completion Bonus;

3. Allowance system

a. Housing allowance;

b. Flight allowance;

c. Sign-in allowance;

4. Other benefits

a. Visa support: provide legal residence permit;

b. Medical & accident insurance;

c. Paid holiday:

d. Nursing Leave:

e. Maternity Leave:

f. Professional training;

g. Opportunities for promotion;

h. Airport pick-up, free hotel upon arrival, team building, etc.

5. Special Benefits for teachers’ direct family

a. Medical & accident insurance:

b. Housing allowance for children

c. Local education allowance for children

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